Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game of Wizards, Spells... and MAYHEM!!!

Hilarious strategy card game where you combine elements into spell to destroy your foes, but…

WATCH OUT! Your spell could get MAYHEM-ified!

In Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game, you combine Element ‘ingredients’ to craft Spells from ‘recipes’ found on Spell Cards.

You can rain fiery ouchies on your mortal enemies, protect yourself (or those luckiest enough to call you ‘friend’) using Elemental Shields or heal yourself (or your Wizards-in-arms) from injury. You can also Summon powerful creatures to do your destructifying for you…


After every Spell there is a CHANCE that your Spell will get Mayhem-ified which can cause it to…

Blow Up in your Face, Save your Bum from Disaster or Make you Pee your Pants with Laughter!

Endless Replayability with 3 Unique Gameplay Modes

Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game is great fun for players of ALL ages and experience levels – from Families with Young Children to Tabletop Gaming Cracker Jacks!

SPELLMAGEDDON Gameplay Rules Get a jump on your Spellcasting right away with this simple, straightforward Magicka Mayhem Gameplay Mode. These simplified play rules are great for getting your feet wet and even ‘more great-er’ for families with younger Wizardlings.

SPELL vs. SPELL Gameplay Rules Crank up the strategy, deception and backstabbing with this more advanced version of Magicka Mayhem. Disrupt or even Reflect incoming Spells before they can turn you into a smoldering ruin.

MAXIMUM MAYHEM Gameplay Rules Want more acts of random ‘Mayhem-y’ silliness (who doesn’t?!?)? Well then, Maximum Mayhem is the Magicka Mayhem Gameplay Mode for you! Instead of a ‘chance’ to have a Spell become Mayhemified, EVERY Spell triggers a Mayhem Card draw – and all the Mayhem-y hilarity that comes along with it!

Fun for the All Ages and All Experience Levels

In Magicka Mayhem there is Something for EVERYONE!

Each game session can be customized to accommodate any level of player – ranging from young children and card gaming newbies to experienced players looking to sink their teeth into some juicy strategy.

Plan Ahead… or FAST AND FURIOUS!

Fire off Spell after Spell in a fit of Spelltastic Rage …OR use deep strategy to Cast that uber-powerful Spell you’ve been saving in your hand.

Be Wonderful… or Wiley… or WICKED!

Band together against a common enemy… OR adapt your strategy to each round of play… OR lie to a Wizard’s front while you stab them in the back!

There are so many ways to play Magicka Mayhem. You are LITERALLY limited only by your own imagination!

Explore the Mysteries of the Arcane, Cast Wondrous Spells… Turn your Friends into Molten Goo!

You can rain fiery ouchies on your Wizard enemies, protect yourself (or those luckiest enough to call you ‘friend’) using Elemental Shields or heal yourself (or your Wizards-in-arms) from injury. And if you don’t like to get your hands dirty you can Summon Elementals to do your destructifying for you!

Summon Powerful Creatures to Fight at your Side

Summoning Elementals is the preferred method of destructification for lazy Wizards. Can you blame them? Why get your hands dirty when you don’t have to?!? Summoned Elementals include the strong and powerful Earth Elemental, the too-hot-to-handle Fire Elemental, the cold-as-ice Frigid Elemental or the guy with the ‘electric’ personality, Lightning ‘Rob’!

WATCH OUT! Your Spell Could Get Mayhem-ified!!!

After every Spell there is a chance that the target of your Spell will trigger a Mayhem Card draw. Mayhem Cards can cause your Spell to… Blow up in your face… Save your bum from disaster… or make you pee your pants with laughter.

NOTE: Creators of Magicka Mayhem are not responsible for damage caused by peeing. 😉