My name is Ethan Erickson

I’m in 4th grade and I have created a card game with my dad – who is kinda like an overgrown kid himself! My card game is called Magicka Mayhem.

When I’m not playing games by myself or with my family I like going hiking and camping in cub scouts, playing flag football with my friends – my favorite football team is the New Orleans Saints by the way – and being on student council at school. I like school a whole lot.

I get very good grades and I even started my first business when I was only 6 or 7…. I helped a neighbor kid learn to speak english. His mom and dad were from another country. I am also really good at selling popcorn for cub scouts. My dad and I even made a video that none of the other cub scouts did. That was when I was a wolf scout so I was like 7 then.

My dad and I love playing the computer game Magicka so much that we made our own card game about it. It’s SO much fun! You can use elements and cast spells against your friends. There are creatures you can summon to help you. And the best part is the Mayhem cards – they’re a lot like chance cards in Monopoly. That’s where things can go TERRIBLY wrong and your robe gets burned to bits! My favorite part of the game is when my dad’s spell epically FAILS!!!!

I know you will love it too.

My friends are really excited. They love the idea too. One of my friends wants to spend all of his parents money on the game! Lol

I wanted to sell my game right away, but my dad told me that we needed permission from the company that makes Magicka.

That’s when I created this video so that they would let me sell my game….

Just a few days after I sent this video to the owner of Magicka – they’re called Paradox Interactive by the way – they sent me an email and said they liked my idea.

Now I am going to do a Kickstarter so that I can sell my game to gamers everywhere!!!!!

Please help me by telling as many people as you can. I promise they will all like the game a whole lot!!!!

Ethan Erickson
Wannabe billionare